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The 100 Best Children's Books is an invaluable guide for parents and young readers in search of the creme de la creeme of children's fiction. The selection, made by eminent critic and writer, Brian Alderson, is arranged chronologically, beginning with The Pilgrim's Progress - which is still told to children in one form or another. The reader is then taken through a mini- history of the most outstanding stories whose words have appealed to the child's imagination. The selection ends with J. K. Rowling.

Brian Alderson is an author, translator, critic, and children's book historian. He has translated fairy tales, is a contributor to Books for Keeps and was children's books editor for The Times. He founded the Children's Books History Society. He began as a specialist bookseller in 1950.

The chosen books (many with examples of their illustrations) include not just the classics of the genre, but many neglected masterpieces which may not be so familiar to the general reader. As a bonus, the author provides an additional list of recommended works drawn entirely from the 20th century.

The author's opinions are often outspoken but always entertaining. The 100 Best Children's Books books will doubtless become a classic volume in itself, providing a unique and indispensable reference guide to the books that have inspired and entertained countless generations.

ISBN: 9781903385982
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