100 Posters: From the Eye to the Heart



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The book is a collection of 100 posters designed between 1967 and 2017 by world-renowned Italian graphic designer, Armando Milani.

Armando Milani, who conceived of and designed this book, is President of AGI / Italy (Alliance Graphique International) and President of Milani Design, with offices in Milan and southern France. He organises lectures and seminars on graphic design. In 1992 he produced the book \"Double Life\", with the sense of humor and creativity of 80 AGI designers and an introduction by Paul Rand, and in 2000, \"50 poems of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and 50 images of Armando Milani\". In 2003 he designed a poster for the United Nations, \"War/Peace\", that was displayed all over the word. In 2015 he designed the book \"No Words Posters\", a collection of the works of 80 international graphic designers.

ISBN: 9788862422499
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 01/05/2018
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Pages: 120
Dimension: 210mm X 148mm
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