100 Years of Civil Aviation: A History from the 1919 Paris Convention to Retiring the Jumbo Jet



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The book examines a century of civil aviation; in 1919 a fledgling industry was born out of civilianizing First World War bombers. The book covers the design and development of civil aircraft and all the personalities that shaped the industry; it features the hay-day of air travel before the advent of mass passenger transit, and the rise of smaller, austerity airlines. It covers the influence of military aircraft on civil planes, unpacks the laws that govern civil aviation and how they have changed over the past century. It chronicles air disasters, both mechanical and tyrannical, and for the first time, looks at the role of women in civil aviation. Playing its part in times of crisis, civil aviation has led rescue missions and covert operations; civilian pilots were often used to test and transport new aircraft from their manufacturers to the frontline, often unarmed and unescorted. The book ends with the quiet retirement of an icon, amid a global pandemic and what lies in store for a greener flying future.

Ben is a freelance feature writer in the art, military and sport genres. He is an associate member of the Pen and Sword Club (military journalists and writers), and a full member of the British Guild of Agricultural Journalists and the NUJ. Ben is an avid modeller and writer of twentieth-century military subjects. His interest in British armour was cemented by a visit to the King's Royal Hussars in the early 1990s as an undergraduate in the Territorial Army. He then joined the RAF, clocking up air miles in a range of RAF transport aircraft including the VC10 and C-17\. He started writing while serving with the RAF, reporting on his Kosovo/FYROM experiences. Ben's work has been used to shape key government veteran policies. He is the author of Land Rover: Military Versions of the British 4x4 and M113: American Armoured Personnel Carrier, Landing Craft and Amphibians and Boeing B-17.

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ISBN: 9781399065962
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