101 Things You Need to Know About Suffragettes



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Suffragettes learned jiu-jitsu, repelled policemen with their hatpins, burnt down football stadiums and planted bombs. They rented a house near to Holloway Prison and sang rebel anthems to the Suffragettes inside. They barricaded themselves into their homes to repulse tax collectors. They arranged mass runs on Parliament. They had themselves posted to the Prime Minister, getting as far as the door of No. 10. Indomitable older members applied for gun licences to scare the government into thinking they were planning a revolution.

Rebels. Warriors. Princesses. Prisoners. Pioneers. Here are 101 of the most extraordinary facts about Suffragettes that you need to know.

Professor Maggie Andrews is Professor of Cultural History at the University of Worcester, with a keen interest in femininity and domesticity. She is a member of the Women’s History Network and lives in Pershore, Worcestershire.

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ISBN: 9780750988841
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