140 Days to Hiroshima: The Story of Japan’s Last Chance to Avert Armageddon



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During the closing months of the Second World War, as America's strategic bombing campaign incinerated Japan's cities, two military giants were locked in a death embrace of cultural differences and diplomatic intransigence. The leaders of the United States called for the 'unconditional surrender' of the Japanese Empire while developing history's deadliest weapon and weighing an invasion that would have dwarfed DDay. Their enemy responded with a last-ditch call for the suicidal resistance of every able-bodied man and woman in 'The Decisive Battle' for the homeland.

But had Emperor Hirohito's generals miscalculated how far the Americans had come in developing the atomic bomb? How close did President Harry Truman come to ordering the invasion of Japan? Acclaimed historian David Dean Barrett recounts the secret strategy sessions, fierce debates, looming assassinations and planned invasions that resulted in history's first use of nuclear weapons in combat, and the ensuing chaos as the Japanese government struggled to respond to the reality of nuclear war.

David Dean Barrett has published work in WWII QUARTERLY MAGAZINE and GLOBAL WAR STUDIES and is the history content consulting producer for Lou Reda Productions' forthcoming documentary on the U.S. Eighth Air Force in the Second World War. He lives in Littleton, Colorado.

ISBN: 9780750995962
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Publication date: 01/10/2020
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