1415 Agincourt: A New History



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As night fell in Picardy on Thursday 24 October 1415, Henry V and his English troops, worn down by their long march after the taking of Harfleur and diminished by the dysentery they had suffered there, can little have dreamt that the battle of the next day would give them one of the most complete victories ever won.Anne Curry's startling new history recreates the campaign and battle from the perspectives of the English and the French. Only now, through an in-depth investigation of the contemporary narrative sources as well as the administrative records, and through a new look at the terrain where the battle was fought, can we come to firmer conclusions on what exactly happened and why. One of the best battle accounts ever published, Anne Curry has updated this classic work in honour of 600th anniversary of Agincourt.

Anne Curry is Professor of Medieval History and Dean of the Facult of Humanities at the University of Southampton, and the world’s leading authority on the battle of Agincourt. This book is the distillation of her life’s work. She is the advisor to the Agincourt battlefield centre in Picardy and was historical consultant for the ITV documentary of the battle in the Battlefield Detectives series. She is a member of the Societe de L'Histoire de France as well as the Society of Antiquaries, and was President of the Historical Association 2008-2011. She is a lead member of the Agincourt 600 Committee:

• Anniversary edition of this classic work
• The most comprehensive book on the battle ever published
• Updated with new foreword and additional material to mark the 600th anniversary of the battle
• Anne Curry is the acknowledged world expert on Agincourt
• The Royal Armouries will be running a special Agincourt exhibition from October 2015-January 2016, Anne Curry is key advisor for this

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ISBN: 9780750964869
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