1950s Irish Childhood: From Catapults to Communion Medals



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A nostalgic look at a turbulent and character-defining decade in Irish history.

To the young people of today, the 1950s seem like another age. But for those born around then, this era of childhood feels like yesterday. 1950s Ireland was the age of De Valera and John Charles McQuaid. It was the age before television, before Vatican II, and before home central heating. It was a time when motor cars and public telephones had wind-up handles, when boys wore short trousers and girls wore ribbons, when nuns wore white bonnets and priests wore black hats in church. This delightful collection of nostalgic photographs and memories will appeal to all who grew up in 1950s Ireland and will jog memories about all aspects of life as it was.

Ruth Illingworth, author of Mullingar: A History and Guide and Images of Mullingar, has also written numerous book chapters and journal and newspaper articles on aspects of Westmeath and Irish history and has broadcast on the BBC and RTE.

• From the publishers of the best-selling A 1950s Childhood by Paul Feeney
• Unique in the Irish market
• Will cover both city and country living – appealing to all
• Richly illustrated

50 b/w illustrations

ISBN: 9780750983549
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