200 Crochet Flowers, Embellishments and Trims



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Features over 200 crochet stitches, embellishments and trims. This title groups crochet motifs, stitches and edgings to allow for easy browsing and location of favourites. It teaches crafters how to make the best of the textural, 3D nature of crochet - perfect when fabrics and knitting just don't cut it.|200 Crochet Flowers, Embellishments and Trims Customise your fashion and homestyle with this irresistible array of 200 crochet patterns for flowers, fabrics, trims and crochet motif designs. – Learn how to embellish your clothes with crochet trims – Mix and match motifs for one-of-a-kind crochet jewellery – Restyle your home using crochet flower patterns and fabrics With 200 colourful crochet designs, 20 inspiring project ideas, and clear instructions with charts throughout, your only question will be: 'What’s next for a quick crochet makeover?!’ Inside 200 Crochet Flowers, Embellishments and Trims: This book is divided into four main sections: Flowers, Trims, Fabrics and Motifs. Each section has its own colour palette to inspire you. Flowers – There is a great range of crochet patterns in this section, from the natural to the more flamboyant. Add these to garments and interior items, or use them to make jewellery. Trims – Use the edgings and borders in the Trims section to add an individual touch to your next crocheted or knitted garment or a crocheted trim to ready-made clothing. Fabrics – Included in the Fabrics section are texture, lace and colour crochet patterns; make them into panels to add to ready-made items or make a patchwork throw of your favourites. Motifs – There are three shapes of crochet Motifs: squares, circles and hexagons; traditional alongside new. Ideas for joining motifs to make different items are given later in this section.

ISBN: 9780715338438
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Publication date: 24/06/2011
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