21 Carvings for the Day after Christmas



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Each year many well-used and well-loved Christmas trees are discarded at the end of the holiday season and are too quickly forgotten. By carving next year's Christmas ornaments from the trunk and limbs of this tree, you can save some very special memories for you and your family! Using parts of the trunk, you can carve elves, Santas, angels and more. Incorporating the branches sticking out from the trunk, you can carve angels blowing heavenly trumpets, elves with long noses, and good-natured Santas with drooping hats. _x000D_In this book, Al and Trinka Chapman will show you how to cut your tree into usable parts, sketch out various figures that fit well into your wooden segments, cut, carve, and sand your figure, and finish it with paint and hanging hooks. They have provided step-by-step instructions for two projects – a Santa, which was carved entirely with hand tools, and a herald angel blowing a trumpet, which was carved using power tools. _x000D_ AUTHOR:

ISBN: 9780887407307
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Publication date: 01/03/1999
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