50 Famous Fables and Folk Tales: Collected from Around the World



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Enjoy a collection of classical stories, culled from the greatest storytellers of all time, offering up tales of animals and other enchanted creatures to delight readers young and old. As fables, each story demonstrates a moral lesson or a piece of advice for reader, some of whom may be struggling with related problems, difficulties, and stumbling blocks addressed by the lessons in each tale. Whether it's a rousing tale of stone soup, a tortoise and eagle, country and city mice, or foxes, hens, and farmers, readers of all ages will be entertained by the fresh story approach of Aesop, Roberts Dodsley, Phaedrus, and others, some retold from tales of cultures as diverse as those of Native Alaska, Africa, Arabia, the Far East, and more.

Tom Baker is the author of numerous books and short stories, poems, and experimental pieces, as well as an artist and experimental musician. Five of his books have been published by Schiffer Publishing. He graduated from Ball State University in 2003.

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ISBN: 9780764351976
Author: BAKER, TOM
Format: Hardcover
Publication date: 01/04/2017
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