500 Hidden Secrets of Rotterdam



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The 500 Hidden Secrets of Rotterdam is a guide to the city’s hidden gems. It takes you off the beaten track to discover the city’s turbulent history, its modern architecture, its little-known museums, the best restaurants and the coolest clubs.
True locals Saskia Naafs & Guido van Eijck selected 500 addresses and facts about Rotterdam that few people know and presents them in lists of 5, alongside beautiful photographs. Guido and Saskia's favourite addresses include a former harbour warehouse turned daily fresh market where you can sample a perfect locally roasted coffee or a homemade cider, a bright-red light-vessel ship where you can attend an intimate concert, or a former subtropical swimming paradise where you can grow your own oyster mushrooms.

Saskia Naafs and Guido Van Eijck are researchers and writers. They specialise in a wide range of topics, from politics and urban planning to education and housing. They are also the authors of The 500 Hidden Secrets of Amsterdam and Hidden Holland. Their work takes them to the far corners of their capital city, to places they probably wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

• An insider’s guide to Rotterdam’s hidden gems and lesser-known spots
• Written by true locals, filled with independent advice, based on thorough research and the author's personal opinions
• An inspirational and practical guide to the city’s most interesting places, buildings, restaurants, shops, museums, galleries, neighbourhoods, gardens and cafes, into 100 lists of 5 secrets
• Photography by Tino van den Berg
• A recently updated edition in Luster’s successful and attractive series of city guides

80 colour illustrations

ISBN: 9789460583346
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 01/03/2023
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