60 Patterns for Santa Carvers



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For hopelessly addicted Santa carvers, this wonderful book will spur them to new heights and depths. Here are 60 of Al Streetman's whimsical, humorous caricature patterns, bringing exciting new dimensions to Santa carving._x000D_Al takes the carver step-by-step through the carving of a Santa flying on a candy cane to deliver his goods. It is fun to carve and, from Al's experience, is a good seller at carving shows. It offers a slight but not difficult challenge, and can be executed by novices and pros alike. The book provides some tips and tricks for head and hand carving. All in all, the perfect fix for the Santa craving. AUTHOR:

ISBN: 9780887409967
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 19/03/1999
RRP: $26.99
Pages: 64
Dimension: 279mm X 216mm
Imprint: Schiffer Publishing