80 Islands to Escape to and Live Happily Ever After



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True as it may be, as the poet John Donne said, that \"No man is an island,\" it is equally true that for Man, an island – in the philosophical sense, as well as the geographical – symbolises the ultimate escape destination for a dream vacation or the dream of a lifetime on holiday, far away from everything and everybody.

This book indulges this innate desire in all of us. The islands selected from the five continents have a common denominator: the beauty of the sea, a mild climate and the fact that together they offer a variety of landscapes, cultures and sensations that can satisfy any desire. From the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, via the Caribbean, this “inventory for dreamers” features, in words and stunning images, famous locations renowned for their luxury and worldliness, secret hideaways where one can live like Robinson Crusoe even in the 21st century, places that are rich in history and others where the only distraction is the music of nature. In short, a book that is an irresistible invitation to travel, even if it is just with your imagination.

Jasmina Trifoni was born in 1966 and graduated with a degree in Political Sciences at the University of Padua. She is a journalist who specializes in the sphere of tourism. For 10 years she worked in the editing department of Meridiani. She now works as a freelance journalist and contributes to the major Italian magazines in the field. Together with Marco Cattaneo, she is the author of Afghanistan: le donne, la guerra, l’Islam. She has also written the three volumes on - I Tesori dell’Arte, I Santuari della Natura and Antiche Civiltà - from the Unesco World Heritage List as well as Città del Mondo (2005), all published by White Star. She is a traveler both by profession and by vocation and has gained considerable ethnic and cultural experience, particularly in India, the countries of Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

• 80 islands specially chosen for their mild climate, stupendous seas, varied landscapes and particular elements of charm.
• For each island, a detailed map and diagram with information such as nationality, language, currency, distance from the coast.
• A rich descriptive text in which the author, a journalist specializing in travel and tourism, captures the island’s most glamorous sides and highlights features making it a special place.

230 colour photos

ISBN: 9788854406629
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