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1960, New York City, the advent of the Space Age and Accutron technology, and the debut of its most famous electronic model, the Spaceview - a watch the likes of which no one had ever seen and which would go on to become an icon. 2020, New York City, precisely 60 years later - an all-new, equally groundbreaking electrostatic- powered Accutron debuts in equally groundbreaking period, changing time forever, again.

Two Spaceview timepieces separated by six decades, both of them a harmonious fusion of the most advanced contemporary horological technology and of innovative design, each a classic of its historical moment. Even Don Draper and his team took note, in one Mad Men episode pitching the slogan \"Accutron - It's Not a Timepiece, It's a Conversation Piece.\" Life imitates art: That is now the 2020 collection's actual marketing tagline.

Covering these 60 remarkable years is a new book ACCUTRON: From the Space Age to the Digital Age. Written by Hodinkee Editor-in-Chief Jack Forster, coauthored and edited by Aaron Sigmond and with a foreword by renowned industrial designer Carl Gustav Magnusson, the book is a collector's item that delves into not only the history of the Accutron brand and its technology, but also the Accutron lifestyle and its new generation of precision timekeeping.

\"We are proud to reintroduce the iconic heritage of Accutron in time for the brand's sixtieth anniversary,\" says Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America. \"Our goal is to advance the legacy of Accutron by honoring the past, celebrating the present and inspiring the future.\"

Six in-depth chapters highlight the creation and design of Accutron, its position as one of the most important innovations in watchmaking history, its participation in the first great age of space exploration, its work on various projects with the U.S. military and much more. A conversation piece indeed from the '60s to the present, Accutron is now certain to be the center of attention once again, with the book offering an exclusive backstage look at the brand's newest historical timekeeping advance: the world's first watch powered by electrostatic energy.

Carl Gustav Magnusson is one of the world's most acclaimed industrial designers. Born in Sweden and now based in New York City, Magnusson has left an indelible mark on an array of products for clients such as Knoll, the MoMA Design Store, and BMW. Having gotten his start with Ray and Charles Eames in Venice, California, in 1968, Magnusson joined Knoll in 1976, spending three decades there - initially as its European and then its Global Director of Design; in 1997, he cofounded the Knoll Design Museum. Today, he heads his own design studio and consultancy, CGM Design.

Jack Forster is a horological writer specializing in the technical evolution of watchmaking. He is the editor-in-chief of HODINKEE, a position he also held at the watch glossy Revolution (USA Edition). Forster has been a moderator on watch forums and is the author of Cartier Time Art: Mechanics of Passion and Accutron: From the Space Age to the Digital Age, his second book for Assouline; previously he was a coauthor of Bulova: A History of Firsts. He lives with his wife and children in New York City.

Aaron Sigmond is an award-winning publisher, editor, and bestselling author (and coauthor) of numerous luxury lifestyle books - eight of them on watches, most notably, DRIVE TIME: Watches Inspired by Automobiles, Motorcycles, and Racing and its sequel, SEA TIME: Watches Inspired by Sailing, Yachting, and Diving, and two for Assouline, Bulova: A History of Firsts, and Accutron: From the Space Age to the Digital Age. Sigmond's other previous book for Assouline was The Impossible Collection of Cigars. He lives in Detroit with his wife and daughter.

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ISBN: 9781614288725
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