Ace of Spies



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Ace of Spies revaels for the first time the true story of Sidney Reilly, the real-life inspiration behind fictional hero James Bond. Andrew Cook's startling biography cuts through the myths to tell the full story of the greatest spy the world has ever know. Sidney Reilly influenced world history through acts of extraordinary courage and sheer audacity. He was a master spy, a brilliant con man, a charmer, a cad and a lovable rogue who lived on his withs and thrived on danger, using women shamelessly and killing where necessary - and unnecesary.Sidney Reilly is one of the most fascinating spies of the twenitieth century, yet he remains one of the most enigmatic - until now.

ISBN: 9780752429595
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 01/02/2004
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Pages: 352
Dimension: 198mm X 129mm
Imprint: The History Press