Act Like a Coach: Simple Lessons from Sports and Business Leaders



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Often, managing and coaching employees is made out to be much more complex than it actually is. You don't need difficult words, whether in sport or in business, to motivate people to do better and to enjoy what they do. Just apply a few simple principles from daily life and you'll find that you can accomplish wonders.

The authors have compiled a key selection of coaching principles in this book, sharing their own perspectives and experience. Former CEO of Atlas Copco Ronnie Leten, and sports coach Paul Van Den Bosch understand that there is a huge similarity between coaching skills in sport and in business. This isn't strange - pressures in the business world and in our society in general are continually increasing. More than ever, we are expected to be flexible, to demonstrate resilience and to stay focused, even when confronted with problems and stress.

Talent must have the chance to shine; we must build more trust; we must communicate more and communicate better. An experienced sports coach and a manager each have these key skills, and between them they cover all bases.

Paul Van Den Bosch (b. 1957) is a Master in Physical Education and Movement Sciences (University of Leuven). Over the course of his 28-year-long coaching career, his athletes have won five European and ten world titles in five different sports disciplines. Together with Bob Verbeeck of the sports marketing agency Golazo Sports, he founded the successful Energy Lab, a full service sports, health and well-being agency.

Ronnie Leten (b. 1956) grew up in Beringen, Belgium. He became a Master of Science in Applied Economics and joined Atlas Copco in 1985. Since then he has held different management positions in the company. From 2009 until 2017 he was CEO of Atlas Copco worldwide, responsible for almost 50,000 employees, selling in more than 180 countries. During this period he lived in Stockholm, Sweden. Under his leadership Atlas Copco became one of the largest industrial companies in Europe.

• Coaching lessons from top level sports and business managers
• While these lessons are designed for use in a business/sports-orientated environment, they are equally applicable to every day life
• Learn how to 'coach' those around you, from employees to children, partners and friends

ISBN: 9789492677044
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