Air Forces of Latin America: Chile



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Chilean military aviation has a long history, but in the past 25 years it has experienced unprecedented growth, accompanying the development of the Chilean economy and the country’s more active participation in regional and world affairs. Since the mid-1990s, considerable expansion programmes have been developed for the Air Force, Naval and Army aviation, which have made the Chilean air arm one of the most modern and powerful in Latin America.

The Carabineros and the Policía de Investigaciones (Investigative Police), dedicated to internal security, make up the total of five Chilean state organisations that use aircraft. While Chilean military aviation has never taken part in a conflict, it has experienced years of tension with the country’s three neighbours (Argentina, Bolivia and Peru). Although relations have since improved, there are new challenges to be faced, especially after 2018, when the country’s domestic situation worsened and violence in the south increased.

Illustrated with more than 140 photographs, this book shines a spotlight on all Chilean air assets. It gives a fascinating insight into their histories, comprehensive details of their current organisation, their missions and the aircraft they operate, and full ‘orders of battle’ for each air arm.

ISBN: 9781802824827
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