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They were never trendy, but they were incredibly popular worldwide. The brainchild of Pink Floyd's legendary engineer Alan Parsons and his cohort, songwriter Eric Woolfson, this studio project mixed considerable instrumental prowess with superb melodies and vocals. The Alan Parsons Project was unusual, gloriously odd at times but for those who discovered them, they were unique, mixing orchestral music with soft rock and smooth funk. Heart rending ballads were a major trademark. These elements shouldn't have worked together. But they did, producing some of the most memorable music of the 1970s and 1980s. As well as Parsons and Woolfson, a host of musicians were involved, including arranger Andrew Powell, guitarist Ian Bairnson bassist David Paton and vocalists Chris Rainbow and Colin Blunstone. The Project debuted with the well-received Tales Of Mystery And Imagination and its popularity reached its height with Eye In The Sky in 1982. This book gives you every album, every song, plus related solo work and much more. The Alan Parsons Project music was loved by so many; this book might just show why.

Steve Swift is a writer and podcaster. He writes for three music magazines, has a podcast audience of over 10,000 and dabbles in YouTube, under the banner of Steve Swift's Rambling Reviews. He's been a fan of Alan Parsons and the Project since the late 70's, being sworn into the fandom by both Dr Tarr and Professor Fether, lives with his partner, 3 cats and a dog in suburban bliss and has finally got round to writing his first book.

ISBN: 9781789521542
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