American X & Y Planes: Volume 1: Experimental Aircraft to 1945



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The world of experimental and prototype aircraft throws up many interesting and unusual machines, and the aircraft manufacturers of the USA were no exception. Within a few years of the Wright Brothers first flight in1903, World War I greatly accelerated the development of aircraft as the fighting machines of all sides were pushed to the limits to gain more speed, altitude and firepower. This book, the first of a two-volume history of the USAs X and Y experimental planes from the earliest years of aviation to the present day, covers the period from the Wright Brothers to the end of World War Two. As well as famous names such as Curtiss, Northrop and Boeing, many long-forgotten manufacturers such as Loening and Thomas-Morse appear in these pages. The detailed text, supported by extensive illustrations throughout, gives a fascinating insight into an often-overlooked area of aviation history.

Kev Darling spent more than twenty years in the Royal Air Force, engineering aircraft ranging in size from the Tiger Moth to the TriStar. Medically discharged adter the first Gulf War he strengthened his writing career, which he had begun in 1986. Since then he has authored numerous magazine articles and more than twenty books and monographs.

• The first volume of a two volume history of the USA ‘X’ and ‘Y’ experimental planes covering a period from the Wright Brothers to the end of World War II
• A fascinating insight into little known and often overlooked area of aviation history that will be of great interest to military and aviation enthusiasts
• Extensively illustrated with over 100 b/w photographs
• Kev Darling is an aviation writer and author with over twenty books to his credit

100 b/w photographs

ISBN: 9781847971418
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