Animal Kingdom: A Natural History in 100 Objects



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500 million years of animal life in 100 objects.

Life on earth has existed for 500 million years. In that time, the evolution and natural selection of species has formed a diversity of life rich in incredible methods of survival, reproduction and adaption. From penis worms, which existed 508 million years ago, to threatened species such as the white rhino, this beautifully illustrated book takes the reader on a journey through natural history and shows the richness of animal life on our planet like you've never seen it before.

Jack Ashby is the manager of the Grant Museum of Zoology at UCL. He studied zoology at Cambridge University and is regularly engaged in press interviews and news articles as a zoological commentator. Recent contributions have been for BBC Radio 2's Drive Time with Simon Mayo, The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Daily Mail and BBC London. He lives in London.

178 colour illustrations

ISBN: 9780750981521
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 01/12/2017
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Pages: 320
Dimension: 234mm X 156mm
Imprint: The History Press