Archaeology of Wild Birds in Britain and Ireland



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The Archaeology of Wild Birds in Britain and Ireland tells the story of human engagement with birds from the end of the last Ice Age to about AD 1650. It is based on archaeological bird remains integrated with ethnography and the history of birds and avian biology. In addition to their food value, the book examines birds in ritual activities and their capture and role in falconry and as companion animals. It is an essential guide for archaeologists and zooarchaeologists and will interest historians and naturalists concerned with the history and former distribution of birds.

Dale Serjeantson is a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton. She was the Director of the Faunal Remains Unit and was one of the founders of the MA in Osteoarchaeology. As well as early farming in Britain her research interests include medieval food and its connotations and the interpretation of bird remains.

ISBN: 9781789259568
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Publication date: 01/07/2023
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