Art Magick Cards: An Inspiration Deck for Creativity



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An inspiration card deck to unleash the creative potential of all art witches.

The Art Magick Cards are a new card deck from illustrator and art witch Molly Roberts, and are the perfect inspiration tool to kickstart creativity and imbue an art witch practice with the magic of colour. Perfect for all art witches, whether experienced or aspiring, this deck helps you to unlock your creative potential and enter a state of magical flow.

Inspired by the colour spectrum, the deck is made up of 45 cards arranged by the five elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether. Users can let intuition be their guide in choosing a card, revealing to themselves what creative practice might suit their needs at that time, or seek out a specific card or practice to bolster and boost their mood. Feeling like your creative light is a little dim? A sunrise-bright fire card will remind you to set your intentions! Need some space to think? An air card the colour of the sky at dusk will remind you to trust your intuition.

The deck is accompanied by a 16 page booklet that explores the power of colour and the way we can bring it into our lives and magickal practice, as well as introducing the concepts that underpin the deck, and suggested ways to use it. Rooted firmly in the belief that we are all capable of creating beautiful art, this deck will help users to discover that natural gift, and in doing so, unleash their own magick on the world.

Molly Roberts is an art witch, musician, magick junkie and artistic mystic with a dedicated following for her powerful lessons in magickal art. After graduating with a BFA in painting, she quickly amassed a loyal and growing YouTube following teaching art magick. Over the past seven years, Molly's videos have inspired thousands of burgeoning artists to create art and magick in their own lives. She teaches hundreds of students monthly through her online courses and Patreon community.

• Visually appealing design based on the colour spectrum and the five elements, presenting a new way to explore the themes of magick and art
• Inspiration deck that allows for multiple interpretations, allowing users a very personal experience of the deck. Guidance to get users started is in the accompanying booklet, and users are encouraged to explore the deck with an inquisitive mind
• Companion product to the Art Magick book, expanding on the ideas explored in it, and offering a new way to engage with the material

ISBN: 9781446309995
Format: Card
Publication date: 01/08/2023
RRP: $44.99
Pages: 45
Dimension: 153mm X 98mm
Imprint: David and Charles