Baby’s First 100 Words: A lift-the-flap book



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Bright, bold and built for little ones, this sturdy flap book is a fun, interactive way to introduce the first 100 words in a child’s vocabulary, from the usual tractor and trains to spaghetti, swimsuit and superhero! There are five themes in Baby's First 100 Words: around the home, getting dressed, vehicles, animals and mealtime. The images are bright, colourful and inclusive, and the fun flaps are strong enough to withstand enthusiastic little hands. There are page tabs, too, to help toddlers turn the pages. Perfect for shared reading with babies from 8 months, the book is ideal for identifying and naming familiar things in their world. With repetitive reading, they will learn the association between words and pictures. Before long they will be saying the words and lifting the flaps by themselves, so it's not only great for speech and language development, but it's good for their motor skills too! Baby's First 100 Words is the fourth book in the Mama Makes Books' Baby Sensory series for children 8 months up to 3 years old. Other titles are Baby Look!, Baby Love and Baby Says. Each book is designed for children who like books that DO things. There are textures to stroke, wheels to turn, finger trails to follow, mirrors to look into and lots, lots more.

AGES: 1 to 3

ISBN: 9781916780040
Format: Board Book
Publication date: 01/08/2024
RRP: $22.99
Pages: 10
Dimension: 210mm X 210mm
Imprint: Mama Makes Books