Battle of the Little Big Horn: A New Appraisal



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Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer died at the hands of native Americans by the banks of the Little Big Horn in Montana 25th June 1876. This is an established undisputed fact. What is disputed is the real reason that he died. So forget all you have been indoctrinated to believe and begin to learn the truth. George Custer was an anathema to his superiors, but the populace loved him. If he were to stand for president in the coming elections there was a strong possibility that he would win. Neither William T. Sherman nor Little Phil' Sheridan could allow that to happen. Thus they conspired to put Custer in a position in the field where the opposing Sioux and Cheyenne were stronger and could deliver the Coup de Gras'.

The first of two volumes to deal with the circumstances that arose leading the native Americans on a collision course with the US Army that fateful day and the death of a national hero. Subsequently the conspiracy is uncovered and shows how these men used their powers and positions and so deftly covered their tracks. Perhaps, but not quite.

30 years of diligent research has uncovered the truth in this ground breaking history. Unmissable and shocking, dare you not read this surprising revelation.

Wendy Ann Wallace is an established military historian known worldwide, whose previous books have sold out and has written numerous articles for various journals. The author has also successfully lectured on the American Indian Wars, reviewed military history books, is married and living in Leicestershire, England

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ISBN: 9781399046718
Author: WALLACE, W. A.
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Publication date: 01/09/2023
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