Best of the Beatles: The Sacking of Pete Best



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Why was Pete Best sacked from the Beatles? In this unique book, based on extensive research and interviews with those close to the events, Spencer Leigh has gathered the clues together to try and solve the greatest Beatles mystery of all. On 16 August 1962, the Beatles drummer, Pete Best, went to see their manager, Brian Epstein, in his Liverpool office. He thought that Epstein wanted to discuss future bookings with him but instead, Epstein sacked him. Pete had not seen it coming. Why did Brian Epstein do it and not the Beatles themselves? Why did they want to be rid of him? Why did they do it so callously? Pete never spoke to any of them again. Best of the Beatles: The sacking of Pete Best tells you what really happened and is essential reading for Beatles fans.

The journalist, author and broadcaster Spencer Leigh was born in Liverpool, England, and is an acknowledged authority on the Beatles. He has been broadcasting his weekly show, On the Beat, on BBC Radio Merseyside for more than 25 years and, over that time, has conducted more interviews about the Beatles all captured on tape than anyone in the world. He has written over twenty-five books, hundreds of album sleeve notes and he writes obituaries of musicians for The Independent and the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. He is an Honoured Friend at Sir Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA).

ISBN: 9780857161017
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