Beyond Fashion: Inside the Fashion Business



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This thoroughly-illustrated volume covers all elements of the fashion business beyond clothing, from the commercial to psychological and sociological aspects of the industry.

Beyond Fashion provides a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of fashion, a universe that is as fascinating and creative as it is inextricably linked to commercial, psychological and social canons. Branding, marketing, retailing, merchandising and business identity, style, the eternal pursuit of beauty, and the search for personal expression are the fundamental aspects of an industry which has evolved to become one of the most sophisticated, influential and dynamic sectors in the world. The implications are not just economic: what we wear conveys who we are. Clothes and accessories are the bearers of complex psychological and social meanings, they are aesthetic products, means of self-definition and objects of desire. Complementary to the evolution of fashion itself, hand-in-hand with changes in taste throughout history, the practice of shopping has undergone epic transformations, becoming a daily activity, an integral part of everyday life. So, which elements are involved in the creation of this 'desire'? What are the ingredients of fashion alchemy? This book reveals these and many more secrets of the fashion business.

Ilaria Caielli has a degree in history and art criticism, and in communication and the culture of fashion. An expert who is incredibly passionate about fashion, Caielli regularly collaborates with several publications, including Il Corriere della Sera and Vanity Fair Italia. She develops editorial content for major Italian fashion brands. In the last 10 years she has lived in China, the United Arab Emirates, the Seychelles, and Cyprus. She is the author of the book UAE 101. Stories and Cultural Learning (a short guide about online shopping), for which she won the Future Stars prize from the Arabian Business and Online Shopping Awards.

• Thoroughly illustrated, this book covers the aspects of the fashion business beyond clothing: branding, marketing, retailing, merchandising and business identity, as well as psychological, social, media-related and ethical aspects
• A must-have for all those studying or working in the fashion industry: from retailers to fashion designers and marketing and advertising professionals
• Pictures and illustrations fill the pages of this book, from catwalks to corporate images, works of art, advertising, and stores

250 colour photographs

ISBN: 9788417656737
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Publication date: 01/07/2022
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