Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea



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Based on the idea that knowledge is enabling, 'The Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea' shows how the ocean works and why this immense ecosystem needs our protection. Experiments using everyday materials help explain scientific concepts, such as why the ocean is salty, how temperature affects water density and why fish don't get waterlogged. A focus on pollution and other ecological hazards raises awareness. Young scientists will gain a hands-on understanding of how \"booms\" clean oil spills and how a garbage patch roughly twice the size of Texas came to exist in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Newsy sidebars bring readers up to date on efforts to combat environmental hazards -- such as the use of oysters to help squelch pollution in urban waterways. An ideal tool for classroom use or the perfect way to spend a rainy day, 'The Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea' is an essential part of any science library.

ISBN: 9781554537471
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 01/02/2014
RRP: $16.99
Pages: 80
Dimension: 243mm X 216mm
Imprint: Kids Can Press