Breakfasts With Archangel Shecky: And His Infallible, Irrefutable, Unassailable, One-Size-Fits-All Secrets of Success



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\"Breakfasts with Archangel Shecky,\" by three-time Emmy Award-winner Gene Perret, is a humorous story of a guardian angel who can not only turn water into wine (well, actually coffee into Merlot - not a great Merlot, but passable), but can also turn a struggling Philadelphia comedian wannabe into an entertainer of star quality. Is Shecky really an angelic visitor from the other side? Or is he just a blowhard deadbeat who's trying to con a few free drinks and a meal or two from a kid who wants desperately to make it in the comedy profession? Well, that's part of the mystery that makes this tale captivating. Whatever the answer, the reader will find that applying Shecky's divine advice will assure him a place in Heaven - well, if not actually in Heaven, a place on the ladder of success which can feel like Heaven.

Gene Perret has been a comedy writer since the early 1960's working for comedians such as Slappy White and Phyllis Diller. He's been a television comedy writer and producer since 1968.

ISBN: 9781884956928
Format: Hardcover
Publication date: 01/02/2009
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