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Build More Stuff with Wood is a follow-up book to Build Stuff with Wood (2017), the first book in the Build Stuff series, which showed beginner woodworkers how to make a great assortment of woodworking projects with a handful of small, portable power tools like a circular saw, drill, and router.

This second book in the series adds a couple of essential machines and hand tools, building a bridge to fine woodworking. The new tools include a tablesaw, a 14-in. bandsaw, and a benchtop drill press, which are among the first machines most woodworkers buy, as well as two essential hand tools: a block plane and a chisel set. The tools and new skills offer a host of essential joinery techniques and powerful design possibilities.

The added tools and new techniques allow you to build a wide range of projects for the home and workshop. The shop projects include a workbench, a tool cabinet, and a sharpening station, while for the home Christiana shows how to build mitered boxes and picture frames, benches and stools, a houseful of tables, and more. Key concepts are highlighted throughout the book in \"Secrets of the Craft\" breakout boxes.

Build More Stuff with Wood continues the theme of the series, which is to make woodworking accessible to more people, especially younger generations.

Asa Christiana worked for Fine Woodworking magazine for 15 years, 8 of them as chief editor. Today, he lives in Portland, Oregon, where he builds furniture and works as a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. He is the author of Build Stuff with Wood (Taunton Press, 2017), a project-by-project guide for woodworking beginners, and Handmade: A Hands-On Guide (Taunton Press, 2018), which features a variety of easy projects in a range of materials, including wood, leather, concrete, and more. Asa also teaches frequently at his local woodworking guild.

• Hybrid approach. The techniques outlined combine the use of hand tools and power tools and machines
• Project diversity: Includes over 20 elegant projects for the home and workshop, appropriate for beginners and intermediate woodworkers

ISBN: 9781641551748
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 01/12/2022
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Pages: 208
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