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While most brain exercise books are focused on preventing and treating memory loss due to aging and disease, this book addresses the steps for increasing mental speed, visual acuity, language acquisition, sensory growth, and motor skills. The author deals with the recovery of brain function along with a prevention program including neurological disease. \"The Complete Brain Exercise Book\" features 100 entertaining and engaging brain exercises and puzzles. There are also interactive questionnaires that enable the reader to assess brain health followed by expert counsel on growth and ultimately, positive progress working through the book. Because the relationship between brain health and diet is absolutely integral, diet and nutrition are front and centre, with extensive brain food lists, recipes and menu plans.

The book features four parts:
• More Than Memory -- Aging Naturally; Normal Brain Function; Impaired Brain Function; Aging Prematurely; Neuroplasticity; Multiple Intelligences; Quick Learning
• Brain Strength Training Exercises -- Mental speed warm-up exercises; Visual-spatial intelligence exercises; Language growth exercises; Sensory processing exercises; Motor learning exercises
• Brain Hygiene -- Sleep and Exercise; Sports and recreation exercises; Social support and emotional health exercises; Learning a new language exercises
• Brain Food -- Keeping a food diary; Eliminating and substituting \"bad\" brain foods; Shopping for the top 20 preventive foods; recipes and meal plans.

Dr Fraser Smith, BA MATD, ND, is an assistant dean and teacher of Naturopathic Medicine at the National University of Health Science's College of Professional Studies. He is also an editorial board member of Natural Medicine Journal.

***100 brain exercises, lifestyle information, recipes and menu plans***

ISBN: 9780778805151
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Publication date: 01/11/2015
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