Complete Diabetes Guide for Type 2 Diabetes



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Anyone can live and enjoy a healthy life with diabetes.

This outstanding diabetes resource provides all the answers in one easy-to-understand format with the most current and accurate information available today. Karen Graham has provided the ultimate diabetes primer covering all aspects of the disease from the health issues and concerns to lifestyle change recommendations.

For anyone at risk of type 2 diabetes, newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or who has had type 2 diabetes for many years -- this book is ideal. There is no doubt that type 2 diabetes management can be overwhelming. This book provides all the critical information and reassurances.

The easy, clear steps include vital information on topics such as:
• Straight answers to the most common diabetes questions
• The \"Learning About Diabetes\" section includes: risks, symptoms, complications from diabetes such as sleep problems, gum disease, eye problems, kidney damage, heart attack and stroke
• A full-colour \"Hands-on-Food Guide\" (literally using your hands as a guide for your portions, which has proven to be immensely successful with the vast majority of diabetes patients) includes top ten nutrition topics, making the right choices among the food groups
• \"Taking Medication and Tests\" covers everything from low blood sugar, testing your own blood sugar to preparing for regular laboratory tests
• Activity recommendations and fitness plan recommendations including personalized plans, precautions and suggested exercises
• Seven Deal Meal Plan with recipes featured in full-color, life size photos
• Information on managing diabetes and expectations at other life stages including pregnancy and gestational diabetes, sexuality, preschoolers and teenagers.

This book, with its many strategies, recommendations, and straight talk on real life day to day situations, is a much needed resource for all those millions managing Type 2 diabetes.

Karen Graham is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. For the past 30 years, she has been a nutrition counsellor, specialising in the management and treatment of diabetes.

ISBN: 9780778804581
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