Corona Dilemma: 20-20 Thinking for the Next Normal



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The airline industry is in freefall with COVID-19 restrictions closing international borders. Experts predict that half of the world's airlines could face bankruptcy. What should the airlines do? International consultant and author Ron Bartsch applies 20-20 Thinking and comes up with the solution-start a new domestic airline.

So much about our world has changed beyond recognition in 2020 as the coronavirus upends our lives. We are now faced with The Corona Dilemma: should we continue with business as usual, or create our next normal? Ron Bartsch has developed a simple model and powerful thinking tool to help negotiate the next normal, aka life-after-the-pandemic.

In a dramatically restructured economy and society, old assumptions won't get us back on our feet, but thinking creatively will. By applying his extensively researched 20-20 Thinking principles, you'll learn how to re-assess what's important in life, think clearly and creatively about your future, and seek out actionable solutions.

Whether facing COVID-19's devastating fallout in life or in business, Professor Bartsch's journey will inspire readers to find hope, seek clarity, explore new directions, and start tapping into their creative genius within.

\"The Corona Dilemma is the perfect answer to anyone who feels a level of discomfort about the state of their personal or professional life but is struggling with how to make a leap and act. Now more than ever creativity is a critical differentiator to long-term success, and The Corona Dilemma delivers an easily digestible framework that you can instantly apply to unlock creativity and excel.\" - Dane Jensen, VP, Director of Strategy, Momentum Worldwide, New York

Professor Ron Bartsch is a world-renowned aviation lawyer, academic, airline executive and company director. Ron regularly presents at international forums on aviation law and more recently in the field of unmanned aircraft. Ron was admitted as a barrister to the High Court of Australia in 1993 and served as a presiding member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal as an aviation specialist from 2013 to 2017. Ron was appointed as inaugural Professor of International Aviation Law at the Aero-X School of Aviation in New Delhi and Senior Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University and the University of NSW, Australia.

ISBN: 9781922409393
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Publication date: 01/05/2021
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