Customer Centricity: The Huawei Philosophy of Business Management



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In 2012, the Chinese company Huawei Technologies overtook Ericsson to become the world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, firmly establishing itself on the world business map. Today, it has over 180,000 employees worldwide and achieved record profits in 2014 of $7.3 billion.

This book provides a deep and clear understanding of Huawei’s management philosophy and strategy. Central to this is the company’s orientation towards customers – that customer satisfaction is the base criterion for measuring Huawei’s work. The author also examines Huawei’s strategy for long-term growth, and especially the principles related to organisational design and operations, the constant improvement of end-to-end procedures, and the management of change. In short, the book reveals how to manage and grow a world-class high-tech company.

Weiwei Huang is a professor of business at Renmin University of China. He has served as senior consultant to the Huaweiboard and Huawei’s founder Mr. Zhengfei Ren since 1996. He is currently Chief Management Scientist at Huawei.

• The management secrets behind one of the most profitable technology companies in the world today
• How to manage and grow a world-class high-tech company
• Provides a fascinating analysis of Huawei’s business management and its culture of ‘customers first’
• Author had unprecedented access to Huawei and the major players within it
• A timely and important book in the context of China’s increasing influence over the world economy

ISBN: 9781911498711
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Publication date: 01/11/2018
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