Dinosaurs Bk 5: Giant vs. Giant. Argentinosaurus and Giganotosaurus



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The fifth in a series of six comic-book adventures that bring the dinosaurs back to life for young readers, Giant vs. Giant follows a group of enormous Argentinosaurus as they try to escape the clutches of the ravenous Giganotosaurus.

In Abbeville's Dinosaurs series, a talented artist and a noted paleontologist have teamed up to re-create the vanished world of the dinosaurs in comic-book form. Each volume in the series tells the action-packed yet scientifically accurate story of a different dinosaur living in its particular time and place, and also includes an illustrated essay that explains more about the creatures and settings encountered in the comic.

'Giant vs. Giant', the fifth title in the series, shows what life was like for Argentinosaurus, the largest animal that ever existed. As a herd of these outsized herbivores travel across the plains of prehistoric South America, they encounter other amazing species of the late Cretaceous period, like the eight-ton crocodile Sarcosuchus and the primitive bird Patagopteryx, and do battle with their nemesis, the enormous carnivore Giganotosaurus.

Matteo Bacchin is a Milan-based illustrator specializing in paleontological subjects.

Marco Signore is a paleontologist known for his work on a remarkably well-preserved fossil of the small dinosaur Scipionyx samniticus.

Mark Norell is curator in charge of fossil reptiles, amphibians, and birds at the American Museum of Natural History.

64 colour illustrations

ISBN: 9780789210135
Format: Hardcover
Publication date: 20/11/2010
RRP: $24.95
Pages: 64
Dimension: 270mm X 179mm
Imprint: Abbeville Press