El Arenal


El Arenal

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50,000 hotel beds, 50 discos, 15 balnearios and six kilometres of beach - all of this is El Arenal in Mallorca, prompting Oliver Kröning and Dennis Orel to take a closer look at it from a photographic perspective. The result is a continuous view of the popular stretch of beach from a bird's-eye perspective, with a fascinating wealth of detail from an unusual point of view. Long before the emergence of drones, the award-winning photography duo photographed the beach, with their camera appearing to hover above the masses of people. Technically sophisticated panoramas have been composed of countless individual images.

• High-quality photography book in large landscape format; mass tourism from a new perspective
• Awarded the Canon Profifoto Award

60 colour images

ISBN: 9783899862256
Format: Hardcover
Publication date: 01/11/2015
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Pages: 120
Dimension: 270mm X 305mm