Falconry Basics: An Introduction to Care, Maintenance and Training of Birds of Prey



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Falconry is an ancient and noble art, still practiced today by falconers throughout the world. While, these days, falconry birds are specially bred in captivity, they are still wild, independent animals and owning and training them requires the right knowledge and skills.

Falconry Basics is designed to provide those new to falconry with the essential information they need, including the basics of types of birds and their individual characteristics; acquiring the proper equipment; how best to care for and maintain healthy birds, and all aspects of training, flying and hunting.
Accompanied by diagrams, line drawings and photographs throughout, and with additional material, such as a glossary of falconry terms, this newly revised and updated edition offers a comprehensive, practical guide for a whole new generation of falconers.

Tony Hall was Editor of the British Hawking Association’s journals and, from the age of fourteen, bred, trained and flew numerous hawks, including Tawny Owls.

• An updated edition of this classic guide to owning, flying and hunting with hawks.
• Assumes no prior knowledge: takes the reader step by step through the pros and cons and responsibilities of buying and owning a hawk.
• Offers essential guidance to novice falconers, whether they simply want to fly hawks or also want to train their hawks to hunt for prey.

ISBN: 9781846893025
Author: HALL, TONY
Format: Hardcover
Publication date: 01/07/2019
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