From Daguerre to Digital: 150 Years of Classic Cameras


From Daguerre to Digital: 150 Years of Classic Cameras

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Over 500 crisp color photos display the wide range of cameras produced from the earliest days of photography to the rise of the digital age. The informative text provides a history of cameras, organized into chapters by various camera types, including snapshot, folding, rangefinder, single lens reflex, twin lens reflex, stereo, panoramic, miniature, and spy cameras. Cameras within each chapter are arranged chronologically to show the development of the camera type. Every camera presented has earned its place by meeting one or more of these criteria: it is a major landmark; epitomizes a certain era; is rare or a prototype; contains something different or unusual in the design; and/or is especially weird or strange. Rounding out this engrossing guide are a glossary of technical terms and an index. This book will be enjoyed by camera collectors, photo historians, and all who have ever captured life on film or in pixels. AUTHOR: John Wade began his journalistic career on local newspapers. He was editor of the UK magazine Photography for seven years before becoming a freelance writer and photographer, and has written more than 30 books on photographic history and techniques.

ISBN: 9780764340260
Author: WADE, JOHN
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Publication date: 01/08/2012
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