Hooray for Trucks!



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A joyful celebration of trucks and teamwork.

It's time for the hardworking trucks at the construction site to get cleaned up! But when the narrator tries to round up the muddy machines, they dig in their wheels and refuse to be led away. They don't want to waste time being soaked and lathered, scrubbed high and low - they want to flatten soil, haul dirt, carry bricks, and lift beams. They want to WORK!

When the trucks discover that washing away the grime means they get to keep loading and lifting, they snap into action. It turns out that getting clean actually is work! Together, the trucks sponge and scrub until they sparkle. As they revel in their newfound gleam, the narrator reveals they're cleaning up for an extra special purpose - a truck parade! The shiny machines roll down the street to the cheers of a diverse group of truck fans.

With charming, expressive illustrations and playful rhyming text, this book brings the construction site to life in an energetic tale that will have readers shouting, \"Hooray for trucks!\"

AGES: 3 to 6

Susan Hughes is an award-winning writer of many books for children, including Same Here!, Carmen and the House that Gaudi Built, What Happens Next?, and Off to Class. Also a freelance writer, editor, and story coach, Susan lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Suharu Ogawa is a Toronto-based illustrator originally from Japan. Formally trained in Art History and Cultural Anthropology, she worked for several years as a university librarian and has done various work for magazines, children's books, public art projects, and more. Suharu teaches illustration at OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario.

• Subtly touches on themes of social-emotional learning
• Kids who love trucks will enjoy the full range of machines featured
• Brings an element of fun to bath time and tidying up

ISBN: 9781771474672
Format: Hardcover
Publication date: 01/11/2022
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Pages: 24
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