It Happened in Shropshire



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It Happened in Shropshire is a vibrant and compelling account of the county?s diverse heritage; its heroes, its battles, its discoveries, its crimes.

Bob Burrows?s highly readable prose transports the reader through time, racing across the landscape of Shropshire?s past from the woolly mammoths of 10,000 BC, the Roman occupation of Wroxeter and the Battle of Shrewsbury, to the Industrial Revolution and to the sporting achievements and murderous exploits of recent years.

The book celebrates Salopians of national renown such as Charles Darwin, Clive of India, Wilfred Owen and Percy Thrower, as well as commemorating the accidents and disasters of:

Shropshire?s ghostly past?and present
The legends of ?Mad Jack? Mytton and the charismatic outlaw Sir Humphrey Kynaston
A celebration of Salopian sporting champions: Ian Woosnam, Sandy Lyle, Richie Woodhall, Billy Wright
Shropshire?s notorious and also its heroic vicars
The 'Black Panther? and other Salopian murderers exposed

ISBN: 9781906122195
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Publication date: 18/03/2010
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