Kaleidoscope of Butterflies: A celebration of Britain’s 59 Species



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There are 59 butterfly species to be found in the British Isles and each one is featured in this beautifully illustrated book. 'Kaleidoscope' is the collective noun for butterflies. With commentaries on the appearance, habitats and life-cycles of each butterfly, the stories behind their names and the people who first identified them, the author, Jonathan Bradley, has also written a short poem to accompany each butterfly, painting a vivid picture of the distinctive habits of the species and how they have inspired and moved us. The exceptionally beautiful butterfly photographs have been taken by Yealand Kulfayan, an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, who – like the author – has had a life-long fascination with butterflies and has looked for them all over the UK and Europe.

Jonathan Bradley has had a career in business, as a university academic and latterly he worked for an international educational body connected with the United Nations. He has been fascinated by butterflies for as long as he can remember and is now committed to their conservation and environmental protection. He lives near Bristol, England.

Yealand Kalfayan, an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, has had a life-long fascination with butterflies and has photographed them across the UK and Europe.

141 colour and 6 b/w photographs

ISBN: 9781910723999
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Publication date: 01/08/2020
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