Kindergarten Architecture



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Numerous studies explore the effects of architecture on children's behaviour and have their effect on the design of educational establishments. This book gathers a selection of schools and nurseries by 30 of the most relevant architects of the world. These projects aim to create imaginative and evocative atmospheres. Many of these spaces also serve as meeting places for the local community. Another important aspect is environmental 'intelligence', with energy saving systems, passive house standards and light optimisation all factors that come into play. From the astronomy 'classroom of the future' in west London to a bubble-structured nursery in Japan, the forward-thinking projects in this book are well presented with clear text, plans and photographs. The book takes a close look at technological and ecological installations such as solar panels, tanks for rainwater collection and the recycling of materials.

Cayetano Cardelús Vidal was born in Seville and is an architect from the Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona (1992), specialising in Projects, Urban Planning and History. All through his professional life he has combined architecture with collaboration in specialised architectural publications.

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ISBN: 9788499367118
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