Make Your Own Press-Out: Leonardo da Vinci’s Inventions



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This book allows you to enter Leonardo Da Vinci's fascinating world and build four 3D models inspired by his research in every area of human knowledge: the art of war, flight, robotics, and architecture.

The 3D models are easy to construct from pre-cut cardboard shapes, which are simply pressed out along the perforations.

Thanks to the complex creations - a tank, a flying machine, a robot knight, and an criss-cross staircase - of David Hawcock's paper engineering, some of the most important and visionary ideas of this Italian Renaissance genius can be reconstructed in 3D alongside the artist's original sketches and drawings.

Leonardo's works of art and actual words, accompanied by clear illustrations and informative text, shed new light on the true significance of some of his most incredible and futuristic inventions.

Honouring the 500th anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci's death, this book offers an intelligent and stimulating way of exposing young children to history and science.

AGES: 4 plus

David Hawcock studied art in York, UK, majoring in graphic design. He opened a design studio in Bath specialising in children's books. He has designed and produced many successful pop-ups, which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies, including The Amazing Fold-Out Pop-Up Body in a Book and the Journal of Inventions: Leonardo Da Vinci.

Windows and press-out full colour pieces

ISBN: 9782889358144
Format: Hardcover
Publication date: 01/10/2018
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Dimension: 300mm X 200mm
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