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Mission Cheese! is a picture book with a rhyming text which takes place in more than 20 different European countries where the audience is exposed to cultural experiences connected with the fascinating social history of piracy, smuggling, and some traditional, unusual or even weird cheeses. The author has inter-twined historical facts, myths, folk tales and legends of world literature: Hans Christian Andersen's \"the Steadfast Tin Soldier\"; the Bremen town musicians; King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table; Mabinogi tales from Wales; the Spanish Armada La Girona shipwreck; Don Quixote; the Bayeux tapestry; Count Dracula; Alkmaar Cheese Festival; book and film locations etc and these snippets can be further explored by readers and teachers if they so desire. Unlike in the movies where pirates hunt for gold, in this book pirates hunt for cheese. While reading this story, children will understand that cheese, or rather food, is more valuable than gold. While hunting for cheese in all of Europe, pirates learn that the types of cheese may vary tremendously from country to country. You may know that coffee, cheese and wine are a very important parts of food culture in the majority of European countries. Depending on the country, there are different tastes, preparation methods and ways of eating those products. This book fuels children's interest in adventure, pirates and different cultures.

T. J. Daleur has been teaching English to children and adults for more than 20 years in countries as diverse as Britain, Spain, Russia and Poland in a fun, creative way. He is a published author and poet who collecst pens, cheeses and friends wherever he goes.

Geta Belogolovsky's extensive career in illustrating has shaped her current artworks. She has more than 50 books in her portfolio. In addition to works of some famous Russian authors, Geta also illustrated the books of prominent writers such as H.C. Andersen and F. E. Burnett. \"A Gift For Little Mouse, the book illustrated by Geta, became a bestseller in Russia in 2017-2018. In her works, she tries to preserve the traditions of classical Russian artists but attempts to apply some new trends as well.

ISBN: 9786197458664
Author: DALEUR, T. G.
Format: Hardcover
Publication date: 28/10/2019
RRP: $34.99
Pages: 52
Dimension: 240mm X 170mm
Imprint: Dixi Books