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With the revelation that our social structures were not as strong as we had thought, so began this voice for the author’s poetry and photos: reassurance and reminders that life of course will change, evolve, and that nature, by her very nature, provides solace and meaning.

Naked Pictures contains photos out of camera, and captions that are borne of poetry from the onset of turmoil and political strife, the subsequent cancellation of the XL Keystone pipeline, to Alberta’s Premier’s short-sighted leasing of land allowing coal mining in environmentally sensitive head water areas in Alberta. These first time events were of such magnitude, of such catastrophic proportions that the poet felt naked. The poet had lost a relationship with society and so began examining a relationship with the land.

We are not kings, we need relationships, especially with nature, especially now. This collection, this field-photo journal, is offered as homage to a renewed relationship with the land.

Paulette Dube is a Jasperite who developed and presented sessions on topics such as sustainability, stewardship, responsibility and other environmentally sensitive driven topics for the Palisades Centre in Jasper National Park. As a French Immersion Humanities teacher, she adopted many trees in her lifetime and taught her students to do the same. Her poetry and prose have garnered a number of rewards and short list nominations including the Milton Acorn Memorial People's Poetry Award, the CBC Alberta Anthology, the CBC Literary Awards, the Alberta Writers' Guild Best Novel Award, the Starburst Award, the Exporting Alberta Award and the Fred Kerner Award. She was invited to the Banff Centre to present her poetry and insights into the necessity of nature for human beings and was recently named Writer-in-Residence at the Jasper Municipal Library.

30 photographs

ISBN: 9781998779383
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