Nature’s Pop-Up: Fish



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A series of books dedicated to nature and animals accompanies young children to discover many different environments in a fun and stimulating way. This book talks about the many inhabitants of the water bodies, their main characteristics and habits. The 8 incredible pop-up scenarios, created on different levels to give an impression of depth, present the fish that swim through the coral, those that probe the bottom of the freshwater streams, without forgetting the strange creatures that roam in the deepest darkness. The surprising three-dimensional pop-up effect and the horizontal format make this reading a visual pleasure, while the texts, providing interesting anecdotes, stimulate the curiosity of young readers.

• An exciting adventure to discover fish habitats
• 8 spectacular 3D creations with simple and colorful illustrations
• Attractive texts, suitable for children and full of curious and captivating information
• The perfect book to learn everything there is to know about fish while playing!

ISBN: 9782889754342
Format: Hardcover
Publication date: 01/05/2024
RRP: $34.99
Pages: 8
Dimension: 190mm X 255mm
Imprint: Nui Nui