Retail Design International Vol. 3: Components, Spaces, Buildings



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The increasing trend towards digitisation seems to be spurring on the bricks and mortar retailers. Hybrid spaces communicate with the customers as a matter of course on all levels: online, offline and on site. Beyond conventional retail formats, this has spawned surprising concepts which combine aspects from different areas of life with each other. Clever hospitality offerings, curated showrooms as well as flexible co-working and event spaces complement established retail locations. At the same time, many malls and shopping centres have seen better days and have been completely refurbished.

The new standard work about the sector presents the most recent developments in worldwide retail design with articles from experts working in interdisciplinary teams and innovative reference projects.

Dr Jons Messedat is an architect, designer and author. His expertise with regard to architectural corporate identity is in demand at companies, conferences and universities in Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

• Retail Design in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and USA
• Around 50 examples: displays, shop windows, stores, malls , special: pop-ups!
• With designs for brands such as Aesop, AUDI, Bugatti, Clarins, Falke, Mercedes-Benz, Nike, O2, Porsche and S.Oliver

Text in English and German.

450 colour images

ISBN: 9783899862751
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