Shift (Z325 Thoroughgood Thrillers)



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It is 1989 and fresh-faced graduate Angus Thoroughgood has just become Z325 Constable Thoroughgood and has exchanged the cosy cloisters of Glasgow University for the broken streets of Lennox Hill, Z Division, the frontier posting that no rookie wants. The Shift is an exceptionally gritty read and one that will transport the reader back to the summer of 1989 and is based on the author s experiences after he joined Strathclyde Police on July 31, 1989. It is interwoven with a fictionalised account of the Ice Cream War and the Northern Ireland troubles spilling over into Glasgow. Drawing heavily from his experiences as a Glasgow cop Mitchell has created the critically acclaimed and award-nominated DS Thoroughgood detective series spanning Parallel Lines: The Glasgow Supremacy, the Scottish Crime best seller The Hurting: The Glasgow Terror and The Longest Shadow. The Shift is the latest edition to this series.

R. J. Mitchell was born and brought up in Stirling. After studying Medieval History at Glasgow University he embarked on a career in Strathclyde Police before leaving to become a journalist and author.

ISBN: 9780857161543
Author: MITCHELL, R. J.
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 23/06/2016
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Pages: 366
Dimension: 198mm X 129mm
Imprint: McNidder and Grace