Short History of the Sailing Ship


Short History of the Sailing Ship

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This outstanding, amply illustrated book traces the evolution of the sailing ship from ancient times to the end of the 19th century. Extremely well-written in clear, non-technical language, the work provides detailed coverage of the ships of ancient Egypt and Crete (4000-1000 B.C.); Phoenician, Greek, and Roman ships; ships of the Middle Ages; as well as double-ended and one-masted ships. Following the main streams of development of both northern and southern European vessels, the authors elucidate the technical and cultural factors behind their change in form and function and their culmination in the full-rigged clipper ships of the 19th century. No concise history of sail has ever presented the subject more authoritatively or enjoyably as this critically praised book. Anyone with an interest in sailing ships, scholar or layman, will find the book invaluable and appealing. \"\"Heartily recommended to the reader.\"\" - Boston Transcript.

ISBN: 9780486429885
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