Six Titanic Paintings Cards


Six Titanic Paintings Cards

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Since 1912, the fate of the Titanic - the ship once touted as unsinkable - has gripped imaginations around the world, inspired books and movies, and compelled a long, ultimately successful search for her final resting place on the ocean floor. The finely wrought paintings on these six postcards recall the magnificent vessel, from glorious start to tragic finish.Detailed, accurate depictions re-create the luxury and grandeur of the Titanic in memorable, full-colour images: the proud ship under full steam, passengers relaxing on deck and descending the elegant staircase, the nighttime collision with an iceberg, the scramble for lifeboats, and the great liner sinking beneath the waves. Perforated for easy removal, these striking cards can act not only as unique message-bearers but can also be framed or added to a personal collection.

ISBN: 9780486400013
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 31/12/1997
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Pages: 6
Dimension: 146mm X 106mm