Soon You’ll Be Sleeping



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Children sleep. Grown-ups sleep. Animals sleep. And the seasons of the year sleep too.

Soon You'll Be Sleeping is a goodnight book about nature's seasons as they sleep and awaken, sleep and awaken through the year. Children listening and reading will be lulled by the rhymes and the whimsical pictures of nature's dreamy beauty.

Spring sleeps in wintertime, beneath the frozen snow, Among the roots and seeds and tiny things that grow. Spring dreams of bugs and spiders creeping on the grass Of tadpoles swiftly swimming and buds that open fast. Of bees that flit from bloom to bloom, all day without a pause, Of ladybugs and brooks that babble as the cold ice thaws.

Spring is up and leaping now, so happy in the sun. The world has come alive, the transformation has begun.

Spring wakes up after winter. This is always true. But in the springtime summer sleeps. Soon you'll be sleeping too.

Soon You'll Be Sleeping has been lauded for its wonderfully rendered illustrations and the lyrical beauty of the text, which link the memories and experiences of each season. It's a shimmering goodnight book for all sleepyheads.

AGES: 5 to 7

Haddy Jatou Njie is from Gambia and Norway. She writes and sings her own songs and has studied journalism.

Lisa Aisato is an author and artist, but also one of Norway's foremost illustrators. Her children's book Odd Is An Egg was adapted into an animated short and won the Jury Prize at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, and shortlisted awards include the HC Andersen Award in 2014. Her books A Fish For Luna, Bird and My Two Great Grandmothers have been translated into 20 languages.

ISBN: 9780228101307
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Publication date: 01/10/2020
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